Posted by: bklunk | April 29, 2007

Face It: The Glass is Half-Full and Half-Empty

While the Bush administration has substantially increased US aid to the poorest countries, an International Affairs Budget (basically the whole budget for diplomacy) show pretty clearly which policy instruments the administration believes are most important.

U.S. Foreign Aid Reform: Will The Congress Work for a Smart Power Budget? « Les Relations Internationales

This blog is to follow up on the previous post about the President’s 2008 budget. As stated, advocates are urging for more money for the poor. A unanimous consent was made by the Senate to restore the International Affairs Budget, coming terms with the president’s request of $36.5 billion. The House of Representatives, however, did not come to agreement on the budget. As a result, the Senate and House will work together to come up with an agreeable International Affairs Budget for 2008. Furthermore, the Center for Strategic and International Studies aims devise a plan for the U.S. to incorporate its soft and hard powers into “smart power” to face challanges and determine defense, diplomacy, and development priorities.

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